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Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, and man lifts, are mechanical lifts used to elevate personnel and/or materials. Aerial lifts are designed for use in warehouses with high storage spaces, or for outdoor work like bridge inspection, telephone or electric repair, emergency use, or construction.

Aerial lifts can vary greatly in design, with specific types of aerial lifts better-suited for different applications.

  • Scissor lifts - Scissor lifts consist of a level platform, which is raised by a number of crossed metal arms operating in a scissor fashion. Scissor lifts offer a level surface, which makes them well-suited for moving materials from low to high spaces, and vice versa. Unlike regular forklifts, scissor lifts allow for both personnel and materials to be elevated on the work platform. Scissor lifts can be made for indoor or outdoor use, with varying surface areas and heavy load capacities.
  • Boom lifts - Boom lifts are typically used to position workers where they can temporarily reach elevated locations, sometimes up to 200 feet high. Boom lifts can have either a telescopic (straight) boom or an articulating boom, the most versatile of which offer vertical, lateral, tilt, and rotational movement.
  • Man lifts - Man lifts are designed specifically for elevating personnel, and provide a safer alternative to ladders for applications like painting or repairs. Man lifts can be manually operated and are generally smaller than boom lifts, making them ideal for use in locations where space may be an issue, like in backyards, stairwells, alleys, etc.

As with all warehouse equipment, aerial lifts can be dangerous if used incorrectly, and should always be operated by trained personnel. The Performance People not only have a vast selection of scissor and boom lifts for sale or rent, but we also provide training, equipment service, and repairs, to ensure all equipment and operations in your warehouse meet top safety standards.

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