Training courses by The Performance People are designed to not only increase safety in every warehouse or material handling environment, but to help increase productivity, decrease product damage, and reduce your business’s overall operating costs.

OSHA regulations for all heavy machinery operators require formal instruction, physical training, and an evaluation of the operators performing in their workplace. The scheduled trainings at our facilities meet OSHA requirements. The operator evaluation is done on-site in your workplace. We’re happy to schedule on-site operator evaluations as needed, following completion of the initial training.

In addition to our one-day, OSHA-mandated operator training courses, we offer two-day Train the Trainer courses, as well as a variety of technical courses, including training classes for equipment service technicians.

Select your region below to learn more about upcoming trainings in your area. If you don’t see a training scheduled in your area or a date/time that works for your business, call us at 866-266-2244. We offer additional trainings based on demand, and we can also tailor courses at your location to meet the specific needs of your business.


Upcoming Training Schedules and Fees

Upcoming Operator Training Schedules

2017 Las Vegas Operator Training Schedule

2017 Nogales Operator Training Schedule

2017 Phoenix Operator Training Schedule

2017 Southern California Operator Training Schedule

2017 Tucson Operator Training Schedule

2017 Yuma Operator Training Schedule




Upcoming Train the Trainer Schedules

2017 Las Vegas Train the Trainer Courses

2017 Nogales Train the Trainer Courses

2017 Phoenix Train the Trainer Courses

2017 Southern California Train the Trainer Courses

2017 Tucson Train the Trainer Courses

2017 Yuma Train the Trainer Courses