Caterpillar Forklifts

We feature the industry’s most comprehensive line of material handling equipment, and our selection offers a wide range of durable, reliable forklifts, both new and used. We also strive to provide our clients with the correct machinery for the nature of their work, which is why we carry so many types of forklifts as well.

We offer new and used models of the following forklift types:

Many of our customers are curious about the differences between forklift motors—should they go electric, or stick with internal combustion? The fact is that they both have their own, distinct advantages and disadvantages, so it really depends on the business application. Electric trucks will lower your emissions and have a longer economic life with fewer maintenance costs; however, they have a higher initial cost. IC forklifts are better suited for multi-shift operations due to the ease of refueling. But using IC forklifts indoors requires a good ventilation system, maintenance (and fuel) costs tend to be high, and emissions are obviously higher than the electric types of forklifts.

There are many operations that opt for a mix of both types of forklift motors because of the variety of work that needs to be done. And the majority of our customers will buy more than one of the forklift types listed above for exactly the same reason.

Available brands and products vary by location. For more information about the types of forklifts available, contact us any time at 866-266-2244. Our knowledgeable team members can find the right brand and right type of forklift for your business. They can also tell you about our forklift parts program, forklift rental program, and available used forklifts.