Pallet rack systems provide deep-lane high-density storage, with good selectivity (single SKU per lane), and first-in/first-out stock rotation. Pallet racks utilize flow rails with wheels, set at a decline, for the transference of pallet-loads from in-feed to out-feed positions. Gravity flow pallet racks can be used in a wide array of applications where first-in/first-out stock rotation and high-density storage is important.

Pallet rack systems must be properly engineered. There are a variety of design variables to be considered to ensure safe and successful operation. Our design engineers are experts at understanding and developing all of these variables to provide successful gravity pallet flow rack systems.

There are a variety of different types of pallet configurations; including very deep systems, up to 20 pallets deep for example. There are also a variety of different pallet flow components like wheels, rails, brakes, etc., as well as a variety of different designs. The Performance People work with your business to design the optimal systems and select the best components to meet your needs.

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